Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cups of Tea

I love drinking tea, possibly a little too much. I doubt I spend much of the day either without a cup of tea nearby, drinking tea or with the kettle on awaiting a cup of tea. When I was really little my Mum used to give me it and I hated it, then as I grew older it began to grow on me. 
When I got to uni, the love of tea grew more and more, and I think it was probably a comfort thing and made me think of home. It was then that I started to get a 'taste' for how I liked my tea, and it's stayed the same since. I like it strong, well brewed and with a tiny bit of milk and now, in my older years, I can't seem to drink it other way! I also prefer to make it in a tea pot but can cope with it straight into a cup.
 I can't understand why you would want to add sugar or so much milk there was no tea taste - but we're all different!

I also seem to have gotten really particular about what I drink my tea out of. I'm only 25 and very picky about these things - I dread to think what I'll be like when I'm old! 

Call me OCD all you like, but I like all my cups/mugs in my cupboard to be the similar, all of mine are Cath Kidston and look like this(in a variety of patterns). 

These mugs are a decent size and keep the tea warm for ages. However, they do stain quite easily and always need a good scrub!
I  also have Cath Kidston cups and saucers, for afternoon tea or 'posh' guests.
However, I do have one cup which breaks the CK rule and drinking tea from it beats drinking it from anything else. Here it is.

It's a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater mug which my brother bought me two Christmas' ago. He used their personalisation service and it's a very well loved and special gift. A lot of people take the mantra of tea solving everything and I think it would if drunk from this cup! 

Tea is one of those things that divides the majority of the British public - like it or not like it, strong or weak, sugar or no sugar, mugs or cups and saucers, straight into a cup or from a teapot? 
How do you like yours?   

Lots of love


  1. Strong, a drop of milk, almost as strong as eating the teabag itself. Hell, leave it in, see if I notice.

    Or peppermint tea is good sometimes.

    I raise my teacup to you, Rachel!

  2. A girl after my own heart...I love drinking tea out of a cath mug or an emma bridgewater mug,hot strong and unsweetened.I also like to drink out of a bone china cup and saucer...Thanks for your lovely comment.Lovely to discover a new bloggy friend and you now have a new follower.
    Anne x

  3. I'm definitely an Emma girl although I did get a very pretty mug in a swap recently which I use for my fruit tea-- my afternoon tipple.

  4. I have mine pretty strong, drop of milk and a little bit of sugar. I've always had it this way, I think because when I was little..I used to sit on my Dads knee and pinch bits of his tea, and that's how he had it :)
    I really didn't like tea much when I was younger, I always drank fizzy stuff but now I cant get enough of it! Must be a growing up thing.
    Hannah x
    P.S. Lovely photos!