Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nice bits.

I'm sorry it has been soooooo long. The Autumn term at school is always the most hectic and it seems after the long Summer holidays it takes extra long to do everything! With that, a broken toe and various other disasters, I just haven't got round the writing a blog.
I've got much more to write about, but this is just a quick one, showing a few new things I've bought recently.
The first is a lovely RICE make-up bag which I managed to find in a little shop in Tenerife of all places. I struggle to find RICE things in the UK, so if anyone has any good stockists, please let me know! I love this little make-up bag and it seems it is that perfect size for whatever you want to keep in it!
The next thing I've recently bought is these gorgeous Christmas cards by ARTWORK BY ANGIE, the same lady who designed my blog header and background. Aren't they lovely? They came tied beautifully with bakers twine and I don't really want to give them away!
The last thing for the moment is this quite little tin I got from Little A Designs. It's by Maileg, and again, their stuf is really difficult to get hold of so I was pleased when Marna was selling these. She also has loads of gorgeous Maileg ribbon you can buy from her.  
That's all for now. I'll be back soon!
Rachel x