Sunday, 24 March 2013


I think we're all frustrated with the lack of the Spring weather. Those poor newborn lambs will be freezing! I usually love Spring, mainly because of the gorgeous new flowers that start to crop up everywhere. I spent a some time, while I was at university as a part time florist and really loved it.
I think we're all in need of cheering up, so even though Spring may not have sprung, I'm bringing you some gorgeous pictures of flowers I found on Pinterest.

I bought myself a bunch of mixed tulips today. Such a simple flower, but so effective and definitely a spring flower.
TOP TIP: Use a pin/needle to put a hole through the stem of a tulip, just underneath the flower head. This will prevent them from drooping/floping over the side of the vase.
Let's hope for a little peek of Spring this week.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Polish Pattern

This week, I've been to Poland on a work based visit. I think the weather was warmer there than it is here! Although I spent most of the time doing 'work' stuff, I got a couple of hours in Krakow. I managed to visit a couple of gorgeous Polish pottery shops where I was overwhelemed with an array of pottery painted in patterns of rich royal blue, green and yellow.
Unfortunately, I didn't have enough room in my suitcase to buy everything! To be honest, I think I would have struggled to choose what to get!
I got a packet of paper napkins which look like they're hand embroidered, a beautifully painted wooden spoon and a tiny heart dish. I think the spoon might need some nice ribbon around the top and hanging in my kitchen.
If you do get chance to go to Krakow, save some money for some pottery. It really is lovely and a lot cheaper than the very few places that sell it in England.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x