Monday, 31 December 2012

Sales Shopping

Has anyone else got themselves some good Sales bargains?
I usually go to the shops on Boxing Day but wasn't bothered this year. However, I did get to the shops on the 27th. I got quite a few things in Monsoon as I usually find their clothes expensive, but with 50% off, they're a great buy!
I ALWAYS end up buying some things I don't need, and these two are examples of that - but I love them both!
I don't need any more Christmas tree decorations and these don't really go with my other traditional decorations. But this box of 100 baubles in Papercahse caught my eye because of their huge rainbow of colours!! The photo doesn't do them justice but each bauble is a different shade. For only a fiver - how could I resist!?

The other bargain I got is this very cute little sewing basket from John Lewis. I think the brightly coloured pattern makes this basket differ from a lot of the 'grannyish' sewing baskets available and the BEST BIT is the cute love hearts pattern used on the inside. I got a tape measure with the same heart pattern.
I'm not going to the shops for a while now!!
Anyone else got themselves some 'pointless' bargains?
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Paper Baubles and Country Living

At the beginning of December, the Country Living show came to the North of England (Harrogate) for the first time. I was very excited when I first heard about it as it's always just been in London and Glasgow. Mum and I ordered our tickets months in advance!!
We were there for the opening of the doors at 10.00am and had a really lovely day. I bought lots of Christmas presents and a few treats for me!
One of the small things I bought for myself were 4 paper pom poms/baubles from the Petra Boase stand. They caught my attention as they were hanging from the ceiling above their stand in many colours, shapes and sizes. The 4 small ones I got were on an offer 4 for £10.00. I originally got them as Christmas decorations but have since strung them together with beautiful stitched ribbon and hand painted beads to create a mobile for my bedroom - which will stay up all year!
Since the Country Living show I seem to have seen them being sold in other places and think I might be hanging a few more from ceilings and windows in my house!

Another stand I loved browsing was the Ness stand. I have always loved their stuff but it's a bit too pricey for me to afford. However, the stand at the show was only selling reduced items! Not only that, but since I visited the show on the Sunday, which was the last day, I got an extra 50% off the price!!
I got this coat which is grey cord with gorgeous cherry red buttons in the shape of flowers. The shop price was £99.00 which had been reduced to £70.00 for the show. But then, I got it for £35.00!! Real bargain. It's also got a beautiful red and white spotty, silk lining. Definitely a perfect buy!!
My bank balance has suffered slightly since I visited the show - but I do hope it comes up North again!
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I have had a really lovely day at my parents house with my Mum, Dad, older brother and Grandad. I still get a little overwhelmed by how spoilt I am, even though I'm now 25!!
This is what it looked like in my parents house this morning.
Here are just a small selection of the gifts I received.
I really love this lambswool cushion, the colours are fantastic. I'd eyed up these glasses a while ago and am very pleased I got them today. And finally, who wouldn't want a hot pink colander!?
This lovely collection are all from Joules - a scarf (a girl can never have too many!),some mittens and super soft fleecy slippers. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without new pj's and slippers. No photos of my pj's I'm afraid, but they've got dogs on them :-).
Here is my gorgeous new Radley watch,heart bracelet, two pairs of earrings, some Dior, Mac and Benefit make-up and perfume.

I also got a 'magic' suitcase, which appears to be quite small but has zipped sections that make it grow! A selection of sweets, tights,socks etc.

Although I've been well and truly spoilt,the best thing about today has been spending it with my family who are all well and healthy.I can also safely say that I have eaten far too much!
What did Santa bring everyone else?
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Packing Presents

I LOVE creatively wrapped presents.
I usually get quite excited about wrapping gifts for people and each year, I try and have some sort of 'theme'. The traditional brown paper tied with fabulous ribbon and cute extra trims such as mini bauble always goes down a treat.
Although I am usually very organised on the run up to Christmas, this year, unfortunately, advent does seem to have defeated me somewhat!
Term only finished on Friday (21st) which is very late and although I had all my presents bought, it has been a little bit of a rush to get them all wrapped. I have not put as much time or effort into wrapping them as I usually would which makes me feel a little sad.
The paper, was (unusually) bought from Next and I love the colours of it, but wish the tags had been a bit more imaginative. I did end up using some plain brown tags and adding some coloured buttons which looked better.
Anyway, my presents may not look as good as usual, but hopefully they're acceptable.
How do you all feel about wrapping?
Am I worrying about it too much?
All that is left to say for now, is
and see you all soon!
Lots of love,
Rachel x

Monday, 10 December 2012

Deck the Halls...

Last weekend (the first in December) I decided to put my decorations up. This is a little earlier than I would usually think to do it, but it is the first Christmas that I have spent in my own home and I was a little excited about the decorating prospect!!

As a child, I had never experienced having a real tree so I loved putting my wellies on and going to pick my first real tree!! I had to stop myself from getting the biggest tree I could find as my house isn't that big.
I got it home and started decorating it with everything I have collected over the past few years.
I haven't gone for a particular theme, just quite general, traditional baubles and decorations. Some handmade or decoupaged, and some shop bought.
I absolutely love the smell that greets me as I walk through the door and as yet  haven't had any dreaded needles drop (fingers crossed!).
I'm a bit of a clutter phobe so don't like to make everywhere in the house super Christmassy, but I have spruced up the fireplace a bit and added a cute heart wreath from John Lewis.
Is there anyone out there that still hasn't got their decorations up? What do you prefer? Real or false trees?
Thanks, for reading.
Love, Rachel xx