Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mad about pattern.

I have always loved patterns. In fact if I wasn't a teacher, I would of been a pattern designer, designing wallpaper and wrapping paper. Maybe in another life. I love all these patterns, for house stuff or clothing. Mixing and matching pattern is even better! 

However, I have recently been finding more folky floral type patterns, here are some pics!

I love all of these! Especially the ribbon and pink fabric! Does anyone know where I can buy something similar or does anyone have anylovely folk floral items?

Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

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  1. Hey - nice to see you over at mine...and pleased to meet you!
    I'm supposed to be working on revamping cleggys blog (you'd like it - its about EYFS - but am currently addicted to amigurumi. I'm fairly new to crochet, but have gone straight in for a teeny tiny rabbit. Glutton for crochet punishment!
    fee x