Sunday, 11 March 2012


Storage solutions are key in my little two-up, two-down house. I have managed to fill the whole house with 'stuff', even though I moved into it from my one and only bedroom at my parents house. As much as I like the homely, cottagey and homespun feel, I'm not a fan of masses of clutter and prefer the things that aren't there to look pretty to be away somewhere, in an organised fashion. However, this doesn't mean that the storage itself can't look good. I probably spend more on the storage than the things that goes in it! Here are some storage solutions that I like at the moment.
 A gorgeous basket by Rice, perfect for anything, from toys to shoes, dvds to books and magazines.

Cake tins have become really fashionable, but you don't have to be a baker to own some. You can keep allsorts in them, from jewellery to buttons.

Some things even look great in clear glass jars. I love this rainbow of organised button jars.

These flower baskets are very pretty. They'd be brilliant on a desk storing pens, pencils, glue, sticky tape etc.

Here are a couple of storage solutions in my own home.

A set of lovely Greengate tins in my bedroom to store my jewellery.

A collection of various sized glass jars to store sewing/craft stuff. The labels are are from fabric and stamped using alphabet stamps and fabric ink. They have then been tied on with garden twine. I have a feeling I will be needing more jars soon!!

Anyone else got lovely storage items?

Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx


  1. Love the tins in your bedroom that you keep your jewellery in and the different sized jars with buttons look good too. Do you mind if I ask where you got the stamps and ink from to make the labels from, thanks, Lucey x

    1. Of course I don't mind!! I got them from and I think the stamp pad was called 'Versacraft' or something, which I alsoknow you can get on eBay etc.

      Rachel x