Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Holiday Reading

When I was little I was an avid reader. I was one of those that would read with a torch under the covers, I remember my Mum coming to get me up one morning and I was still trying to reach the end of Harry Potter. I still love to read but when it's term time, I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow and I'm lucky if I get through a book a term. However, I'm on holiday in Tenerife at the moment, I've been here a week so far and have read a total of five books. This time though, I didn't fill my suitcase with paperbacks, I brought my new Kindle.
So, my question for you is, to Kindle or not to Kindle? I'll hold my hands up and say I never thought I would get one of these, but I realised how much easier it was for travelling with and for holding whilst sunbathing :-)
However, it definitely has its downsides, for example, I haven't found a way that you can share books with another Kindle owner, which seems sad when we're used to recommending and passing books on to each other. The other negative I've found is that you definitely need to know what book you want to buy, downloading them on Amazon is not like going to a lovely bookshop, having a coffee and flicking through a range of books until you've found what you want.
How do you all feel about the Kindle?

Some other reading material I have brought away with me are these magazines;
I don't know if any of you have seen this in the newsagents, but I saw it and wanted it straight away, then I saw the price, £9.99!!
I wouldn't normally buy a magazine that cost so much but when I flicked through, I only wanted it more and decided to treat myself for my holiday. I would definitely recommend it, it has turned out to be much more like a book than a magazine, with lots of different patchwork and quilting patterns and step-by-step projects from various designers, including Amy Butler. I can't wait to try some of them.

My other magazine is this one;
I buy Mollie Makes most months as I like its modern and fashionable take on making things. However, again, it's quite pricey, at £4.99. Some months, I feel I haven't got my moneys worth as the crafts inside aren't my cup of tea. But I have really loved this months issue, there is lots of patchwork and crochet projects and the free crochet hook that came with it is of really good quality. 
If you've got a spare fiver, go and get it!

I'm off to sunbathe.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gypsy Love

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the shabby chic look and my house itself is quite calm with a 'country' feel. BUT, I feel the cupcake, pastel look has gone a little too far and become, if I dare say it, a bit sickly. I'm sure that most people have got the look right, but I think a lot of high street shops have offered cheap versions of things and smothered them in cupcakes, which in my opinion, don't look nice.

That's why, I have begun to love the gypsy look. The jewel colours are brave and sumptuous and the soft furnishings add beautiful detail in a range of fabrics, featuring folk type florals and beaded/sequinned embellishments.

Have a look at some of these pictures I've found.

I really want to inject a bit of this look into my own bedroom. Not that I will be able to paint the walls bright colours or decorate them with floral wallpaper as I like my walls quite muted. But I would love to be able to add the theme with the help of accessories and soft furnishings. Only problem is, where do you find such gorgeous things? High street shops don't tend to go for this sort of style. However, when I went into Marks and Spencers the other day, I discovered they have a new home range called 'Caravan'. Most of the things are for the kitchen, but at least there was a not a cupcake in sight! Here are a set of tea, coffee and sugar tins I liked.
I hope this 'look' becomes more popular. In the mean time, if anyone help with where I can buy some 'gypsy' inspired bedroom bits, I'd be very grateful!!

Thanks for reading.
Rachel x