Sunday, 19 February 2012


A lot of crazes seem to appear out of the blue and some are definitely to be forgotten about! But for about five years now bunting has made a big impression on us all, it’s appearing everywhere and is ever changing and evolving.

However, bunting isn’t a new invention, apparently it has been around since the seventeenth century and was used for Royal Navy signal flags and of course, to decorate many a church and village fete.

In recent years, bunting has become a fashionable item to decorate many places, it appears in house and home magazines, lovely little boutique type shops and I must admit, I love it!! 

I have completely and utterly thrown myself into the bunting craze, and just wish I had more space in which to put it! I even have bunting in the classroom in which I teach. 

A lot of us are getting crafty and having a go at making our own, We are seeing bunting come along way from the typical red, white and blue flags hung at street parties after the war.

Bunting is, bright, pale, 'shabby chic', seaside themed, crocheted, lace, doily, customised with lettering, small, tied wth ribbon, string or twine. The list goes on! 

This is a set of crocheted bunting I made, and am planning to hang in my little spare/craft room.

I have also made some brightly coloured fabric bunting for a friend.

What's next? I don't know, but there are loads of ideas in this book.

The question is, how do you like your bunting?  

Thanks for reading.
Love Rachel xx

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  1. Your bunting looks fabulous Rachel. I love the colours you've chosen.

    My husband is very tolerant of my love of bunting - his only stipulation is that none of it falls down and strangles him in the middle of the night!!!

    Heather x