Monday, 2 March 2015


This post is titled "Hello" as I have been away so long it seems appropriate. I have spent a while dipping in and out of things such as Instagram and Pinterest and have been happy doing so. However, I recently felt the urge to write again, so I am back and feeling good about creating a balance between various social networking and the things it can do. 
There's a lot to catch up on, and so I'm going to start a mini series to update you on a few things.

 This one, the first is just ME. I'm more or less the same, although feeling older and strangely more calm and content. At Christmas time I had what was, for me, quite a big haircut. I didn't plan it, just sat in the chair and told her to keep chopping. So she did, and I'm quite pleased, it feels healthier and thicker. I'm sure in a couple of months when the sun is shining I will crave my longer, wavy locks but for the moment, this is neat and I like it.

Work is still a massive part of my life and I have to remind myself to take a step back and do other things. I do love my job though and I'm lucky that it allows me to be creative in so many different ways. 
Over the last year I have come to love sending snail mail across the world, it's allowed me to get to know like minded people and not only allows me to write, but to be creative, sending artistic love and wishes in short, captured moments of time. 

Call back for the next update. 

Thanks for reading.
Rachel xxx

Monday, 18 August 2014


In May I was very lucky to visit the city of Istanbul on a school project. I didn't really know what to expect and so was pleasantly surprised to discover an amazing city, full of colour, beauty, spirit and people who were kind and warm-hearted.

For anyone who loved textiles, pattern, colour and embellishment - Turkey is like an Aladdin's Cave. As this was a work visit I didn't have a great deal of spending money and was gutted I couldn't have purchased more.

If you are ever stuck for somewhere to visit or fancy a break from the usual beach holiday, I cannot express enough how beautiful and amazing Istanbul is. I came home wanting to return to this wonderful, spiritual city immediately.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xxx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Catch Up

It has been such a long time since I did a blog post that I thought it was time for a catch up! The last things I wrote about happened in January.
I had a few days in the sunshine in Tenerife in February, it was lovely to see some blue skies and feel some warmth.
My big brother also turned 30 in February. What's a better way to celebrate than with an M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake!?
March was a busy month, it began with my friends hen do, which involved some spa treatments, a night out dressed as various animals, and cocktails served from teapots!
I also had a trip with work to Hungary, which allowed me a small amount of time to see some of the beautiful city of Budapest.
 April begun with the beautiful wedding of my friend Anna, the bride looked beautiful and it was a happy and emotional day. Here is a photo of the table centrepieces from the day.
That brings me about up to date. Now I'm enjoying the Easter holidays, with not much planned apart from enjoying myself, catching up with friends and family and attending another wedding. I'm enjoying a spot of sewing and signs of Spring.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


I know it's been ages since Christmas and New Year but I haven't had chance to write so this is my Happy New Year post.
Christmas feels like months ago now and I've also had my 27th birthday since then!
I got totally spoilt for both Christmas and my birthday and I thought I'd share a couple of my presents which have become some current 'favourite things'.
I was lucky enough to receive some Dubarry boots for my birthday. They are very expensive, but fantastic, comfortable, warm and sturdy. They'll be great for snow (if we get any!) and alongside my new wax Barbour jacket, I'm all setup for the great outdoors :-).
In my last post, I mentioned my new found love of Anthropologie and shared a picture of my plate. Well for Christmas, I got two new Anthro items.
I LOVE the mug, so much that I'm having to force myself to give it up to the dishwasher for washing :-). It's a current simple pleasure to drink a nice cup of tea out of this.
The other item is the gorgeous pair of tights. They're gorgeous, but at the moment I'm struggling to team them with an outfit, and I'm on the lookout for a plain black skirt to wear them with. As soon as I get that problem sorted, I know I am going to love wearing them!
What are your current favourites helping you to get through January?
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

Friday, 15 November 2013

Recent Times

Well we're already in the middle of the half term holiday and it seems Autumn has landed. It is surprisingly nice to feel a chill in the air as it has been weirdly warm recently. However, I'm not too keen on the dark evenings that are creeping in. Before we know it, it'll be Christmas!
I spent a lovely couple of days in the Lake District this week, but as usual, was greeted with rain! Here are some of the things I enjoyed while I was there,
This photograph was taken in one of the rare occasions when it wasn't raining!
Derwentwater is beautiful and I could spend all day sitting on a nearby bench looking at the scenery.
Food and drink! There are some really lovely coffee shops, tea rooms, and traditional English pubs in Keswick. One place I really loved was Temporary Measure. A gorgeous little tea rooms/knitting shops selling a mixture of delicious cakes and beautiful wool.

 Shopping! I got a few nice bits and pieces as there are some lovely, individual shops to spend your money in. This photo is of a most stunning chair in the window of a shop called The Orchid House. They sell a super range of homeware, accessories, and lots of other nice bits from designers such as Greengate and RICE DK.
Hope you've been up to some lovely stuff.

Thanks for reading.
Rachel xxx

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Beauty in Bulgaria

I have spent this week in a small town named Velingrad, in Bulgaria. The week was part of an educational project, linking a range of school across Europe.
It was a shock to me to find a country so poor and lacking in amenities close in proximity to Britain. It is humbling to return home and realise how lucky we are to live in a successful country where the children in our schools have a good time and are well resourced.
Even though the country was poor and infrastructure was shabby, I believe beauty can be found everywhere and I managed to find some to share with you.



The week in Bulgaria had difficulties, but I have returned feeling thankful for the life I lead, the culture I experienced and the people I met and formed friendships with while I was away.  
I am looking forward to seeing the next country I will visit, wherever that may be.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Before and After

I had wanted a new chair for my sewing table for quite a while when I came across an old, battered, wooden one in a reclamation shop which for some odd reason, I liked. A fiver later, I was trying to squueze it into the back of my little Corsa :-).
It stayed in the garage for ages until the summer holidays arrived and I had a bit more time than usual to give it a little TLC. Someone with woodwork knowledge very kindly made it sturdy again and sanded in down, in a much better way than I could. Here is what the chair looked like after the first couple of steps.
From here, I gave painted it with white undercoat, and then two coats of my chosen coloured emulsion. I had my paint mixed but it's still not the ideal colour. I'd have preferred it to be a bit more green.
Once it was dry I used a decorating knife to scrape off parts of the paint to reveal the wood underneath, giving it an old, battered effect. Finally, I painted it with quick drying emulsion and upholstered a drop in seat pad with some nice, new fabric.

The photo isn't the great quality and you can't see the colours very well but hopefully, you get the idea. I must admit, it was quite a bit of work to get the chair to this point, but I'm happy that it's completely individual and it does look lovely in my sewing room :-).
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx