Monday, 31 December 2012

Sales Shopping

Has anyone else got themselves some good Sales bargains?
I usually go to the shops on Boxing Day but wasn't bothered this year. However, I did get to the shops on the 27th. I got quite a few things in Monsoon as I usually find their clothes expensive, but with 50% off, they're a great buy!
I ALWAYS end up buying some things I don't need, and these two are examples of that - but I love them both!
I don't need any more Christmas tree decorations and these don't really go with my other traditional decorations. But this box of 100 baubles in Papercahse caught my eye because of their huge rainbow of colours!! The photo doesn't do them justice but each bauble is a different shade. For only a fiver - how could I resist!?

The other bargain I got is this very cute little sewing basket from John Lewis. I think the brightly coloured pattern makes this basket differ from a lot of the 'grannyish' sewing baskets available and the BEST BIT is the cute love hearts pattern used on the inside. I got a tape measure with the same heart pattern.
I'm not going to the shops for a while now!!
Anyone else got themselves some 'pointless' bargains?
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xx

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  1. Hi,Rachel Ive just sent you an email and realised that I folowed your blog.Did you stop blogging for a while?I think we have a lot in common and wondered if you've ever been to our shop in Pickering?I think you asked me about some workshops.I will be doing some more this year if you might be interested.I'll let you know what's on offer.Anne x