Monday, 10 December 2012

Deck the Halls...

Last weekend (the first in December) I decided to put my decorations up. This is a little earlier than I would usually think to do it, but it is the first Christmas that I have spent in my own home and I was a little excited about the decorating prospect!!

As a child, I had never experienced having a real tree so I loved putting my wellies on and going to pick my first real tree!! I had to stop myself from getting the biggest tree I could find as my house isn't that big.
I got it home and started decorating it with everything I have collected over the past few years.
I haven't gone for a particular theme, just quite general, traditional baubles and decorations. Some handmade or decoupaged, and some shop bought.
I absolutely love the smell that greets me as I walk through the door and as yet  haven't had any dreaded needles drop (fingers crossed!).
I'm a bit of a clutter phobe so don't like to make everywhere in the house super Christmassy, but I have spruced up the fireplace a bit and added a cute heart wreath from John Lewis.
Is there anyone out there that still hasn't got their decorations up? What do you prefer? Real or false trees?
Thanks, for reading.
Love, Rachel xx

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  1. Hello, just came across your blog by chance. What a lovely read it is.
    Your tree is so so pretty and yes there is someone who hasn't decorated yet meeeeeee!!! only moved into our new home 4 weeks ago and just going to have a woodburner put in, so the fireplace has been a wreck, but hopefully will do the decs this weekend. Anyways nice to greet you.