Thursday, 24 January 2013

Turning 26

On the 11th January, I turned 26. My birthday has always been a little low key with it being after Christmas. Often, people are people have celebrated so much over Christmas they are not in the mood, or they are busy getting back into a routine and forget to send a card. However, this year, I wasn't that bothered, I was more worried about my actual age than anything else. Now that I'm passed 25, I feel pressured to be settling down with a husband and family, when in reality, I'm nowhere near that happening! I keep reminding myself that I'm still young and need to have some fun. So....on Saturday night, I went out, in the snow and ice, wearing ridiculous 5inch heels, drank some cocktails and danced, and yes, I enjoyed myself.
My fantastic family and friends didn't let my birthday pass without spoiling me as usual. I received a iPad mini which I am incredibly excited about. However, I need advice on apps to use, and any good ways to customize/personalise it!? Has anyone seen any nice cases for the minis anywhere?
I also got these stunning flowers, the colours are very me and such a gorgeous start to the Spring season.
How do you feel about birthdays? Do you think there's a certain age where you begin to wish everyone would forget them!?
Thanks for reading,
Rachel x 

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  1. Oh goodness me 26, how lovely everything in front of you and to look forward to. I must admit I cried when I turned 40, turning 50 was good too. Knowing hwho I was what I wanted etc. Am now 58 but feel 40ish.....I feel age is just a number and thats all. My dear Dad is 85 and very pleased to have got there...and thats what he tells me...don't think birthdays should be forgotten. After all its a celebration, just remember its how you feel inside...Happy Birthday.