Monday, 24 December 2012

Packing Presents

I LOVE creatively wrapped presents.
I usually get quite excited about wrapping gifts for people and each year, I try and have some sort of 'theme'. The traditional brown paper tied with fabulous ribbon and cute extra trims such as mini bauble always goes down a treat.
Although I am usually very organised on the run up to Christmas, this year, unfortunately, advent does seem to have defeated me somewhat!
Term only finished on Friday (21st) which is very late and although I had all my presents bought, it has been a little bit of a rush to get them all wrapped. I have not put as much time or effort into wrapping them as I usually would which makes me feel a little sad.
The paper, was (unusually) bought from Next and I love the colours of it, but wish the tags had been a bit more imaginative. I did end up using some plain brown tags and adding some coloured buttons which looked better.
Anyway, my presents may not look as good as usual, but hopefully they're acceptable.
How do you all feel about wrapping?
Am I worrying about it too much?
All that is left to say for now, is
and see you all soon!
Lots of love,
Rachel x

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