Sunday, 30 December 2012

Paper Baubles and Country Living

At the beginning of December, the Country Living show came to the North of England (Harrogate) for the first time. I was very excited when I first heard about it as it's always just been in London and Glasgow. Mum and I ordered our tickets months in advance!!
We were there for the opening of the doors at 10.00am and had a really lovely day. I bought lots of Christmas presents and a few treats for me!
One of the small things I bought for myself were 4 paper pom poms/baubles from the Petra Boase stand. They caught my attention as they were hanging from the ceiling above their stand in many colours, shapes and sizes. The 4 small ones I got were on an offer 4 for £10.00. I originally got them as Christmas decorations but have since strung them together with beautiful stitched ribbon and hand painted beads to create a mobile for my bedroom - which will stay up all year!
Since the Country Living show I seem to have seen them being sold in other places and think I might be hanging a few more from ceilings and windows in my house!

Another stand I loved browsing was the Ness stand. I have always loved their stuff but it's a bit too pricey for me to afford. However, the stand at the show was only selling reduced items! Not only that, but since I visited the show on the Sunday, which was the last day, I got an extra 50% off the price!!
I got this coat which is grey cord with gorgeous cherry red buttons in the shape of flowers. The shop price was £99.00 which had been reduced to £70.00 for the show. But then, I got it for £35.00!! Real bargain. It's also got a beautiful red and white spotty, silk lining. Definitely a perfect buy!!
My bank balance has suffered slightly since I visited the show - but I do hope it comes up North again!
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x 

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  1. Oh it sounds gorgeous Rachel!! I couldn't get there, but it looks like I missed a great show?Love your coat too,
    Helen xx