Saturday, 13 April 2013

Liberty Love

On my little trip to London, my main aim was to go to the fabric department in Liberty's. I have visited Liberty's a few times, but never actually gone to the fabric department.
Usually, I can't get past the florist.
It's such a gorgeous display at the entrance to the shop. Inside, the shop is also stunning, with an old and intricate woodwork structure. 
I was blown away in the fabric department, it was so hard to decide what to buy. In the end, I got a bundle of fabrics in blues and greens. I also bought a cute mouse pin cushion, and a jar of liberty fabric covered buttons. My big treat was a new sewing box. Again, it took me ages to decide which one to get, but I'm pleased with my decision. I had a lot of fun filling the box when I got home!
It's safe to say my bank balance was a lot lighter after my wonderful trip to Liberty's!!
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x

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