Saturday, 13 April 2013

Farbic Shopping in the City

The day after I did the lampshade making workshop, Mum and I went to London. We booked our train tickets a few weeks ago and managed to get quite a good deal. It only takes us a couple of hours to get there, so perfect to go just for the day. We go to London a couple of times a year, sometimes to shop, sometimes to see a show. This time, we wanted to only visit fabric/sewing shops and Liberty.
I did a bit of research before hand to find which fabric shops were worth visiting and where they were. We didn't want to spend all day zig-zagging our way over London, so had to decide not to visit some shops that were too far from central London. I found that Berwick Street, which is just off Oxford Street had a few shops worth visiting, so we headed there first. A few of the shops were very pricy, but great for browsing, but when I walked into The Cloth House, it was stunning!
The fabrics were gorgeous and really reasonably priced. They were all quite muted and were from all over the world. The natural coloured fabrics standing up behind the table in the above picture were all embroidered - gorgeous!
They also had ribbons, threads and trimmings galore. A lot of them were vintage too.
If you want somewhere special to go to buy fabric, this is it. The Cloth House is not only full to thr brim of gorgeousness, but it islaid out beautifully with stunning furniture and storage.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x


  1. That looks like an amazing place! Love your blog design.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger