Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Trip Away

This week was half term. I was lucky enough to have a few days away at my parents house in Tenerife and it was lovely to see some sun! It wasn't too hot, but warm enough to go out without wrapping up in hats, coats, scarves etc. I managed to get a fair bit of sewing done while I was there, but I'll show you that another time.
One day, we drove further up the mountain from our village, to another small town called La Camella. There is a shop/workshop there called "Absolut Patchwork". I had been before and am always amazed at how beautiful and quirky this little shop is. I wish I had photos to show you.
I had followed the owners blog for a while now and knew she followed mine. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of a language barrier, but I gave her one of my blog business cards and the lovely lady was overwhelmed when she realised who I was. My Mum and I bought a few things from her. These were mine.
The gorgeous pin-striped linen is for the back of the cushion. I bought the paisley fabric just because I liked it and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the charms. The embroidery scissors were given to me (and Mum go a pair to) by the lovely lady who owns the shop as she said we had made her so happy.
If you ever visit Tenerife, "Absolut Patchwork" is definitely worth a visit. If not, you can see some of the beautiful makes and items from the shop at
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x


  1. Hi Rachel. You are so lucky to have gone away in the sun for half term.
    It sounds like you had a fab time.

  2. Hi, Rachel!!!
    First at all, thanks to this wonderfull entrance!
    Its me, who wants to give you thanks to had come to my quilt shop, and give service to that two great persons!
    I hope see you soon, and i send you kisses!