Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pom Pom Trim

I LOVE pom pom trim. I have added some to cushions in the past, but it hasn't always been the best quality. I decided to buy some better quality trim, made from proper velvet.
This love trim is from Deckchair Stripes.  

I have made this cushion and added the pom pom trim. I bought a fat quarter of this fabric and then realised I loved it so much I needed some more, so ordered plenty! I am going to use some of it in my next quilt (when the first quilt is finished!)

Does anyone have any good tips for sewing on pom pom trim? It seems very tricky on cushion seams. I used the zipper foot on my machine but still struggled. Maybe there is some cheat method I'm missing!?

I just bought one of these cheap and basic sewing machine from John Lewis.
We have a house in Tenerife and when we go on holiday we want to take a little machine with us that we can leave there. This one is perfect as it is small and light and is well within hand luggage restrictions (with removal of needle). I haven't used it yet, but if it sews as good as it looks I'll be happy. Also, it can be bought in a range of colours!

Thanks for reading.
Rachel x

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  1. I love pom pom trim too, your cushion is very pretty :) x