Monday, 30 July 2012

Craft Kit

A little while ago, this amazing box arrived in the post.
I had been looking forward to recieving one of these since I knew that Marna from Little A Designs was going to be selling them.
I wrote a blog a while ago about Little A Designs after I attended one of her rosette making workshop. Her work is gorgeous and Marna is lovely, kind and generous.

Inside the box is everything needed to make a family tree cushion, in the same style that Marna uses. Here is what is inside.

There is a piece of linen to use as the base fabric for the cushion. The tree itself has already been cut out by Marna and then there is a selection of different fabrics to use as the leaves (leaves have been drawn on the back and just need cutting out). There is also a packet of various buttons to use as embellishments.
What I wasn't expecting was the selection of sewing equipment, scissors, threads, pin cushion, thimble, pins, needles, tape measure and glue! You can literally take this box anywhere and not need anything else to create the fantastic cushion! So that's exactly what I intend to do. I am going to Tenerife in August and this is the perfect travelling project.

Hopefully I'll have a complete project to show you soon and *hopefully* it will look something like this.

Photograph and cushion by Marna Lunt, Little A Designs.

Visit Little A Designs Facebook page here.


  1. Hi Rachel, fantastic arent they? I received a 'mummy daddy childrens names' cushion and have just finished it, it feels ace to have completed it! fab pic above ;-) the lovely family tree cushin Marna made for me, my favourite buy from Little A Designs, and i have bought a lot :-)
    Enjoy your kit and holiday!

  2. What a lovely idea you'll have loads of fun sewing that. I've just come back from Teneriffe it was absolutely gorgeous, Lucey x