Sunday, 24 March 2013


I think we're all frustrated with the lack of the Spring weather. Those poor newborn lambs will be freezing! I usually love Spring, mainly because of the gorgeous new flowers that start to crop up everywhere. I spent a some time, while I was at university as a part time florist and really loved it.
I think we're all in need of cheering up, so even though Spring may not have sprung, I'm bringing you some gorgeous pictures of flowers I found on Pinterest.

I bought myself a bunch of mixed tulips today. Such a simple flower, but so effective and definitely a spring flower.
TOP TIP: Use a pin/needle to put a hole through the stem of a tulip, just underneath the flower head. This will prevent them from drooping/floping over the side of the vase.
Let's hope for a little peek of Spring this week.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel x

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  1. What an interesting tip. Your Tulips are lovely and I shall try the needle tip when I next have some :) xx