Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunny Skies

I have been lucky enough to go away twice this summer. The first trip was to Tenerife, where my family has a house. It was a much needed sunshine holiday after the rubbish weather we’ve been having here!
It was so nice just to see everything so much brighter and more colourful than the dullness we’re used to in Britain.
The house is very much a home from home and it was great to relax in the sunshine just a couple of feet away from home comforts. I can’t stand feeling chained to sunbeds near a hotel swimming pool when you’ve got to get in various lifts etc just to get to your room.
We have been having the garden of the house landscaped and we did some planting while we were there.  
Unfortunately, I managed to catch a virus for the last five days away, and it meant I couldn’t go outside in the heat, but I managed to get lots of reading and sewing done. My tan may not of developed as much as it would of if I’d spent the holiday outside, but I certainly came back with more freckles than I went with!
Thanks for reading,
Rachel x

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