Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back Soon

Just a quick message to say I haven't disappeared. Just very very busy with work at the moment. I'll be back soon and am saving things up to blog about.
I'm also very much looking forward to having a new look to my blog,as I've got Artwork by Angie on the case :). 
Here is a nice picture to keep you going. I LOVE pom pom trim. These cushions are so simple but gorgeous.


  1. Hi,Rachel.
    I am fine thank you...plotting my revenge and thr next phase of my life LOL But not really.I am a great believer in serendipity which seems to bemy best friend...not how I imagined a thirty year career would end and I may never teach again.....however I am glad you haven't disappeared and that you will be making an appearance again soon....I love pom pom trimming and sell it in my shop.
    Take care
    Anne x

  2. I absolutely adore pom pom trim! I get called odd sometimes for liking it, so I'm glad its not just me :)

    Are you enjoying the Jubilee celebrations? I'm having a Jubilee giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter.. or share if you know someone who would :)

    Look forward to more blog entries.


  3. Hi,
    Yes I have sold pom pom trim for a while.I have light and dark pink and turquoise.Have not given up teaching completely and plan to do some supply which I have been offered in a couple of schools. Just don't want to to full time grind anymore.Need to spend more time being creative.Anne x