Monday, 18 August 2014

Snail Mailing

I've always liked writing letters and did so quite a lot when I was away at university. I love the feeling when something exciting comes through the post (that I haven't bought for myself!).Since working, the opportunities for letter writing have become less although I do still communicate with a few friends in this way.
I happened upon the blog of Nadia Van Der Mescht and was intrigued to discover that 'penpalling' has become quite popular for creative people around the world to communicate and use some of their creative skills. I e-mailed the lovely Nadia for advice on how to go about finding pen-pals and she said that Instagram was the best place. I joined Instagram (which has taken over my blogging time) and found some penpals, as well as some finding me. Since then I have sent and received various packages.
I am really loving my new pen-palling hobby. It means I can use some of my creative juices for small, manageable projects, but also put a smile on my penpal's faces with bits and pieces I have put together.
Thanks for reading.
Rachel xxx

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